Helical Piles

Bluewater Construction Group meets the increasing demand for responsive, cost-effective, quality, construction management services by adding helical piling to its lineup of services,

Helical piles are ideal for new construction & remodeling projects to be built on unstable soils.

This environmentally friendly system provides a clean and quick installation procedure to keep projects on budget and schedule. A hydraulic torque motor mounted on a skid steer or mini-excavator is used to screw the hot dip galvanized helical pile through the soil as torque is monitored to achieve required load capacities. A steel plate is then welded on top of the pile and encased into the new concrete foundation. The pile can be loaded immediately. Applications for helical piles include home additions, swimming pools, privacy walls, concrete slabs / decks, generator pads, underpinning existing foundation, retaining walls, reinforcing existing foundation for second story addition, etc. Load capacities up to 20 tons design are possible with geotech’s approval. Even higher loads can be achieved with Helical Micro Piles. Minimum accessibility from 30" to 6' wide makes helical piles an ideal solution in tight areas.

Helical Piles with Brackets

Helical piles can also be used in conjunction with brackets to underpin existing concrete foundations to either stop settlement or reinforce for additional loading. In some cases, hydraulic jacks can be manifolded together to simultaneously raise the foundation to close cracks, level out floors and help to restore property value.

Engineering Support

Bluewater Construction works with structural engineers through its CHANCE distributor and numerous local geotechnical and structural engineers to better assist you with your residential, commercial or industrial projects. Some of these Engineering services include:
⦁ Signed and sealed plans for foundation repair and permitting
⦁ Signed and sealed pile logs with full time monitoring of pile install by independent geotech
⦁ Pile load testing
⦁ Soil testing by independent geotech
⦁ Signed and sealed submittals

Certified Dealer

Helicals for Home Additions - Foundation Underpinning
Helical Anchors for Uplift - Tie Backs for Seawalls / Sheet Piles
Poly Slab Lift/Void Fill
Resistance / Push Piers - Pilings for New Pools - Underpin Existing Pools
Raise and Stabilize Foundation, Walls and Slabs
Pile Load Testing - Preliminary Engineering Design - Limited Access Specialists